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Engine and Transmission Tips for European Cars by European Car Mechanic

European cars like Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Mercedes and BMW certainly enjoy a well-deserved reputation for performance. However, cars have moving parts and cars move across a variety of terrain, exposing them to wear and tear. Neglect of minimum maintenance could result in expensive repairs so it is better to get your car regularly checked by European car mechanic Melbourne based. In between you can follow these tips to care for your car’s engine and transmission.

Engine oil and coolant
The engine is the heart of the car and the transmission transmits power to the wheel. How much power it transmits depends on engine performance and engine performance depends on condition of engine oil that lubricates all internal moving parts. Low levels can cause higher metal to metal friction that will result in faster wear and tear as well as overheating. Follow these tips:

  • Change engine oil on a regular basis after the recommended mileage. While doing so get your European car mechanic Melbourne to check your car’s oil filter and replace it too.
  • The cooling system is external to the engine but vital to keep the engine’s temperature within operating limits. European cars use proprietary coolants and such coolants will last for years. However, hoses can crack or rupture leading to leaks that will result in reduced cooling which will overheat the engine. Get your car serviced regularly and pay attention to the cooling circuit, particularly hoses.
  • Do not let your car sit idle for long periods. If you do not plan to use your car you can at least start the engine and let it run for a few minutes so that oil circulates internally. You avoid gunk build up.

Next to the engine the transmission is important for your car’s performance. Keep your car’s transmission system in top condition by getting the car mechanic Melbourne to give it a thorough check every two to three months. Meanwhile you can follow these transmission care tips:

  • Check the gasket. If it is cracked the fluid will leak out and gears will wear out fast leading to expensive repairs. Replace cracked pan gaskets.
  • Some European cars have a fully sealed transmission that does not require frequent fluid changes. Still, sludge and dirt can build up so it is always a good idea to open the bolt, once the warranty period is over, and check condition and quantity of fluid. If you notice the fluid is gunky then it is time to get the mechanic to change the fluid. Use only manufacture recommended fluid and fill to recommended level. For good effect you should flush the transmission, which can be done by filling, draining and then filling again. This ensures that whatever sludge or solids are there are removed.
  • While you are at it make sure to replace the transmission filter and seal.

Europei Motori, your European car mechanic Melbourne based, will attend to all minor and major engine and transmission problems but you too can care for your engine and do basic maintenance.


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